Party Planner


Use our simple Party Planning Calculator to determine how many bottles or cases of Beer, Wine or Spirits you’ll need to purchase for your next party. Print this guide and bring to our store or use to help guide your online purchase. 


Be the host with the most (or hostess with the mostest!) with these top tips.


1.  Allow half a bottle of wine per person and then add a little margin as a precaution.

2. Wine preferences are usually quite evenly split, apart from in the summer when white wine may be in more demand.

3. A standard bottle of wine will fill 5 medium wine glasses, 1 case (12 bottles) = 60 glasses.


4. Offer a good range of soft drinks for non-drinkers and drivers.

5. Soft drinks are often an after-thought, but are extremely important as mixers so plan ahead.


6. A standard sized bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine will provide 6 flutes. For a wedding reception, allow around 2-3 glasses per person.

7. Consider using a big name Champagne for toasts and a more cost-effective but great tasting Sparkling wine for further drinking.

8. In some instances, a party may offer a cocktail on arrival in addition to toast.


9. Keep it simple; choose one light beer and no more than two others. Consider one premium, craft, or import and one domestic alternative.


10. Don’t forget to buy ice and plan how to keep your drinks chilled.

11. If you’re using ice buckets, add water and salt as this will speed up the chilling process.


Don’t be too specific; cater for the majority not the minority.

Offer light beer and non-alcoholic alternatives for the designated driver.

The clever host strikes a balance between generosity and being mindful of sensible volumes.

It’s important that your guests enjoy themselves and that they get home safely. You can help by having taxi service details available to encourage responsible drinking. Don’t keep topping up glasses, so that your guests can keep track of the standard drinks they have had. 

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